Scripture Up Affirmations Journal : Strengthening God’s Message Old Testament and Pearl of Great Price

“When we use the power of words to fuel our life’s purpose, we can easily develop more positive, constructive habits and accomplish many of our goals (if not all of them).” -Dennis Schleicher, author

Why another journal? Why scripture affirmations?

Not only will the Scripture UP Affirmation Journal help you develop the righteous habit of regularly reading the scriptures, but it will also strengthen your testimony and faith in Jesus Christ.

We often say, “I should read my scriptures every day” when a more effective way of developing the lifelong habit of consistently studying them would be to say, “I will read my scriptures every day.”

We invite you to record your impressions, thoughts, and feelings as you study the sacred words of God. Develop the righteous, positive habit of studying them every day and making them a permanent part of your life. It’s definitely a goal worth pursuing!

Scripture Up Affirmations Journal : Strengthening God’s Message Old Testament and Pearl of Great Price 

By Dennis Schleicher

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Sure-Fire Ways to Identify a Member in our Church

Dennis Schleicher and Becky Mackintosh

Sure-Fire Ways to identify a Member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Gaydar is that the ability of LGBT’s to intuitively recognize each other. Mormons seem to possess the same instinct (of detecting other Mormons, not homosexuals. Although gay members may have both powers. They’re like superheroes). 

Member Radar, Member-Dar, and Mo-Dar are differing terms that describe this skill.

My Member-Dar seems to be pretty dang spot on. 

I’m just about sure after I realized I had it. 

And it’s developed into a well-oiled machine of discerning efficiency. 

Unlike Gaydar, Mo-Dar can not be purchased with money. 

But don’t worry, here are some recommendations on developing your own clairvoyance connection to the hypostasis.

Vocabulary – We use odd phrases in everyday language like “fiber of my being,” “nourish and strengthen”, “tender mercies,” etc. 

We’ll drop “the Adversary” like he’s a man that lives down the road. 

Don’t forget substitute swear words (SSWs) like fetch, flip, shoot, crap, gosh, geez, dang, darn, and heck, to call just some. 

Acronyms galore: SSWs, CTR, BOM, BOA, TBM, NOM, DH (this one contains a dual meaning), MMM (also dual–crap!).

Tips or Moves to use:

–Phrase-drop: Use phrases like “Zion”, “Funeral Potatoes”, “Studio C”, “Doctor Who”, “BYU”, “CTR”, “Jello Salad”, or “Temple Square”, even “Called to serve”. 

Wanna get a true reaction? 

Slide the easy name “Jeffery R Holland” into a conversation. 

Yeah…that’ll turn some heads.

Manti Temple – Rattle Snake Miracle – How I Overcame my Fear

Dennis Schleicher at the Manti Temple

When the pioneers first arrived in Manti, November 1849, they arrived in 3 feet of snow and no protection. The Saints dug into a hillside, living out of caves and caverns that protected them from the ravaging winter winds and cold.

However, when spring came, the Saints quickly discovered they had tunneled into a massive rattlesnake nest, with hundreds of snakes suddenly swarming their homes, camps, and living quarters.

Miraculously, though, no one was injured or bitten by the snakes.

The hill that once saved the Saints physically soon became the site for the Manti temple.

Now a place to obtain spiritual salvation.

When I heard of this.

I immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

My fear of snakes is so strong, I can’t even write or talk about it without getting flustered.

Can you relate?

A day before I was supposed to attend a session at the Manti temple.

I almost wasn’t going to go.

I let my paralyzing fear and phobia almost stopped me from experiencing one of the most meaningful sessions.

In prayer, I immediately had a vision of Daniel and the lions’ den.

When the lions’ den event occurred, Daniel was in his 80s…

So they tried to use Daniel’s faith in God against him.

They tricked King Darius into passing a 30-day decree that said anyone who prayed to another god or man other than the king would be thrown into the lions’ den.

Reminded how Daniel was protected, I immediately felt the protection of the Saints.

I knew at that exact moment I needed to attend the Manti temple.

With nothing but calmness.

Walking around the grounds, observing the marvelous wonders of the Pioneer’s efforts and the protection that God has on all of his Saints.

When have you felt God’s hand in protecting you?



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Missionary Teach the Doctrine of Christ

As a missionary, you teach the doctrine of Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of Holy Ghost, and endure to the end).

Gilbert Arizona Temple

I have always viewed baptism as representative of any covenant and the gift of the Holy Ghost as following the promptings of the Spirit.

I kind of have gotten stuck on enduring to the end though.

I know I need to endure to the end and keep all my covenants.

As a single member, I know there is one more covenant for me to make, and so I haven’t been focusing on enduring to the end too well.

The other day, I thought, “What if this is my enduring to the end?

What if I have made all the covenants that I get to in this life?”

And it finally clicked that I haven’t been doing my best at enduring to the end.

At any moment in our lives, we need to be enduring.

No matter what circumstances we are in.

No matter what goals we are working toward.

And so I asked myself what I want my enduring to look like, and I have been able to realign my efforts to match that vision.

🤗Thank you sister Cami Turley for today’s inspirational post.

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Was I the Only Gay Convert to the LDS Church?

Did you think I was the only gay convert? Do you think I am the only LGBTQ active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

NOT. Hundreds of gay converts and thousands of LGBTQ full temple recommend holders do exist.


You can be gay like me and be an active member of our Church.

“It’s called agency.”

Meet Derek Knox from Boston. He joined our Church as an openly gay member one week after the November 2015 announcement. He had faith and a strong testimony into our gospel.

Jesus Christ love’s all. He loves you, your neighbor, your friends, your coworkers, and your family.

And, I LOVE you…

Dennis Schleicher Best selling author of Is He Nuts?: Why a Gay Man Would Become a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ 

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Ever Feel Judged at Church! Or have you witnessed it? 

Ever feel judged at Church! Or have you witnessed it?

Tell them to STOP it! Leave judgment to our Savior…

My bishop will not tolerate it.

My stake presidency will not condone it.

Our 70s and general authorities definitely will not tolerate it.

If you ever feel judged. Reach out to ME.

I will not allow it happing to YOU.

Love, Dennis


PS, everyone knows, I love me some cows.

Dennis Schleicher – Best-selling author of Is He Nuts?: Why a Gay Man Would Become a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ

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Strive to be Persons of Goodwill Toward All – Root Out Racism

I was excited to read the new policies on racism, and loving all of God’s children to our Latter-day Saint handbook.

“The church calls on all people to abandon attitudes and actions of prejudice toward any group or individual. Members of the church should lead out in promoting respect for all of God’s children. Members follow the Savior’s commandment to love others (see Matthew 22:35–39). They strive to be persons of goodwill toward all, rejecting prejudice of any kind. This includes prejudice based on race, ethnicity, nationality, tribe, gender, age, disability, socioeconomic status, religious belief or nonbelief, and sexual orientation.”

Peter Moosman – Dennis – Hug a Gay Latter-day Saint

President Dallin H. Oaks said during October’s conference that church members should “root out racism.” A few weeks later, he encouraged BYU students to “heed our prophet’s call” to end racism.

I love what it says in (Matthew 22:38-39) This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.


Meet my friend Peter, who’s gay and LDS. He started an awareness project of going to general conference and holding colorful signs out side the Conference Center saying, “Hug a Gay Latter-day Saint!” 🏳️‍🌈

What did you like about the update❓

I am sending all of you virtual hug’s. ❣️

~ Dennis Schleicher

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Judging Someone’s Worthiness! Are you a Real Member of the Church Of Jesus Christ?

Judging Someone’s Worthiness! Are you a real member? OH-My-GOsh, have I cried. Have I screamed at God? Have I asked, why? 

Dennis Schleicher – Manti Temple, Utah

Yesterday I posted a comment on Strive To Be. Sharing my testimony about Come Follow Me. Someone replied; “are you actually a member of the church? All honesty, I am really just curious because a lot of what you post really goes against what the church believes in.” 

Are my post really that bad? There is still a lot of room for growth in our Church. The mindset amongst church members and hopefully what I am posting is helping with that. Every time YOU share one of my posts asking your friends and family to follow me, I am forever grateful.

I find that people are quick to accuse when they have the Church, mapped out in their mind that it should only be a certain way. Their hearts and minds are not open to change. (This is ironic because this Church changes and only becomes better because of revelation). 

They forget that this church includes everyone, and everyone is on a different level in their own personal spiritual journey. We all learn and teach differently. People forget there are converts from all backgrounds, from all over the world.

First, it sounded sincere, then it says, “goes against the church”! I’d say we got a lot of work to do!! Ugh! Almost appears that they go to church, and don’t learn while at church or listen to general conference. And by listen I’m talking about listening with the heart.  

It’s bad enough I receive hateful comments from anti-church non-members. I receive death threats from those who have left our church. Now, from our members? This is new to me. 

Many times I hear, this Church needs you and your voice. You are making a difference. Well, I NEED this CHURCH… I need our Gospel. And we need more LGBTQ’s attending church. Filling our wards with charity and the pure love of Christ. Wouldn’t you agree? 

I can testify, more people need our church. More people need our Savior, Jesus Christ. No one should judge. No one should question anyone’s worthiness to be a member. It is between our bishop and stake presidency.

We have to leave judgment to the Savior.

Love, Dennis

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First This Gay Man Wanted to Protest the Mormon Church-Now He’s a Member

First This Gay Man Wanted to Protest the Church-Now He’s a Member. He steals the Book of Mormon. Who is Dennis? 

I am an openly gay man who feels nothing but love from members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was told my entire life; God rejected me and I was going to hell merely for my sexual orientation. I needed to change my entire persona and become straight. This left such a bad taste in my mouth about organized religion. I refused to attend any church for many, many years.

Latter-day Saints taught me; Heavenly Father loves ALL of His children. Regardless of their sexual orientation. We are all children of God, and we should leave judgment to the Savior. It is not our place. We are asked only to love. Having received First Presidency approval to have my endowment early, is a constant reminder, He knows all of us by name. #SpreadLove

I serve as an Elders Quorum First Counselor, Ward Mission Leader. Assisting Church leaders, Mission Presidents, sisters, and elders to better understand how to work and deal with the LGBTQ community, creating a better understanding amongst all people.

I pray that my story, Instagram post, etc. Strengthens your faith in our church and in our savior, Jesus Christ. As I post scripture study, thoughts, and my life journey. As we all @strivetobe 💗 & @comeuntochrist

Love, Dennis -Best-selling author of “Is He Nuts? Why a Gay Man Would Become a Member of The Church Of Jesus Christ.” @deseretbook @cedarfort & @seagullbook

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Matriarch and Pillar of our Family

Today I entered my grandmother’s name, Marie Schleicher, into Family Search as “deceased” December 27, 2020. On December 31st she would have been 97 years old. The year 2020 is going out with a bang for my family and me.

Although we are in shock, we are comforted by the knowledge that she will be held in the arms of Christ and her husband. My grandma was the pillar of our family. She held us up as the Schleicher family. She was our strong foundation and kept us together like a sturdy structure when the winds of life threatened to blow us apart.

Although I miss my grandmother, and feel her loss within my soul, today I choose to follow her example and be a pillar within the structure she built. She taught me to be strong and I hope to follow her example.
During this time, I look to the Savior Jesus Christ, as He is the one who gives hope, the one who knows how I feel in my loss and shock, the one who knows how to succor me and my family as we celebrate the wonderful long life of our grandmother.

I will remember you each day as I continue on this journey and choose to emulate the good you shared while on this earth.
Marie Claire Rival Schleicher. I love you! ♥️♥️♥️