Sure-Fire Ways to Identify a Member in our Church

Dennis Schleicher and Becky Mackintosh

Sure-Fire Ways to identify a Member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Gaydar is that the ability of LGBT’s to intuitively recognize each other. Mormons seem to possess the same instinct (of detecting other Mormons, not homosexuals. Although gay members may have both powers. They’re like superheroes). 

Member Radar, Member-Dar, and Mo-Dar are differing terms that describe this skill.

My Member-Dar seems to be pretty dang spot on. 

I’m just about sure after I realized I had it. 

And it’s developed into a well-oiled machine of discerning efficiency. 

Unlike Gaydar, Mo-Dar can not be purchased with money. 

But don’t worry, here are some recommendations on developing your own clairvoyance connection to the hypostasis.

Vocabulary – We use odd phrases in everyday language like “fiber of my being,” “nourish and strengthen”, “tender mercies,” etc. 

We’ll drop “the Adversary” like he’s a man that lives down the road. 

Don’t forget substitute swear words (SSWs) like fetch, flip, shoot, crap, gosh, geez, dang, darn, and heck, to call just some. 

Acronyms galore: SSWs, CTR, BOM, BOA, TBM, NOM, DH (this one contains a dual meaning), MMM (also dual–crap!).

Tips or Moves to use:

–Phrase-drop: Use phrases like “Zion”, “Funeral Potatoes”, “Studio C”, “Doctor Who”, “BYU”, “CTR”, “Jello Salad”, or “Temple Square”, even “Called to serve”. 

Wanna get a true reaction? 

Slide the easy name “Jeffery R Holland” into a conversation. 

Yeah…that’ll turn some heads.

Dennis Schleicher on the Sally Jessy Raphael Show

    30 years today I appeared on my first of many national 🎞🎥🎙 and international talk shows. 📽At that time, I never thought or couldn’t imagine the path He would put me on. You may not know the path He has for YOU. It is with great faith and love for Him that we all must trust. Trust that He will guide us all down a path of faith, hope, and love for all. 

🎤I had no idea how many people actually watch Sally Jessy Raphael.  Nor did I think about that new invention called the VCR. 📼

I was naive enough to genuinely believe that nobody I knew in real life would ever find out. 

It went viral without the internet. ☎️📞🖥

I’ll never forget the guest who appeared at my side as I told my story. She was Mary Griffith, the mother of Bobby Griffith, who was an all-American boy…and he was gay. 🏳️‍🌈 He was faced with an irresolvable conflict in that his mother and her faith taught him that to be gay was wrong and he couldn’t accept who he was. 

His mother, who had been very militant in her faith and had prayed hat her son would be “healed” from homosexuality, was traumatized by his suicide.

🎤 By the time we appeared on TV 📺 together.  She had transformed herself into a national crusader on behalf of gay and lesbian youth. 

Then, my parents did not speak to me because I’m gay. Now conversations are turbulent as their biggest concern is I will come home with multiple husbands. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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