Scripture Up Affirmations Journal : Strengthening God’s Message Old Testament and Pearl of Great Price

“When we use the power of words to fuel our life’s purpose, we can easily develop more positive, constructive habits and accomplish many of our goals (if not all of them).” -Dennis Schleicher, author

Why another journal? Why scripture affirmations?

Not only will the Scripture UP Affirmation Journal help you develop the righteous habit of regularly reading the scriptures, but it will also strengthen your testimony and faith in Jesus Christ.

We often say, “I should read my scriptures every day” when a more effective way of developing the lifelong habit of consistently studying them would be to say, “I will read my scriptures every day.”

We invite you to record your impressions, thoughts, and feelings as you study the sacred words of God. Develop the righteous, positive habit of studying them every day and making them a permanent part of your life. It’s definitely a goal worth pursuing!

Scripture Up Affirmations Journal : Strengthening God’s Message Old Testament and Pearl of Great Price 

By Dennis Schleicher

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Best-selling author of “Is He Nuts? Why a Gay Man Would Become a Member of The Church Of Jesus Christ.”

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Pioneers, Mormons, and the LGBTQ Community

When you think about the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a few things typically come to mind. Members of the LDS faith send out their young men and young men to do missionary work around the world. They read a book called The Book of Mormon that was translated by the Prophet Joseph Smith. What the LDS faith is also known for very heavily is the travels and struggles of the pioneers.

The pioneers were latter-day saints who were constantly mocked and driven from their homes throughout various states. Because of this constant persecution, these pioneers traveled to the west side of the American continent.

When we talked with Dennis Schleicher about his book Is He Nuts? Why A Gay Man Would Join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints he talked about his special connection to the pioneers.

In his early days of learning about the LDS faith, Dennis was introduced to the history of the pioneers and their struggles and persecution. Their experiences brought him to tears because he could relate to the persecution he had gone through in his life for being a member of the LGBTQ community.

Watch this short video to hear Dennis’s words on this experience, and don’t forget to check out “Is He Nuts” at Deseret Books, Amazon Audible Audiobook, and all other booksellers!

TWO-year Anniversary of my Baptism as a Gay LDS Member

Today is the TWO-year Anniversary of my baptism as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

I remember opening my eyes during the opening prayer to look around the room at everyone who was there to support me: Derek & Shelby Hall, my ward members, many other close friends, and my parents.

I remember the feeling I had while immersed in the water and immediately afterwards. I was lightheaded, refreshed, with a new sense of well-being and a revitalized purpose in life. I felt peace. I had a new start to my life, a second chance to find true joy and meaning in life!

August 19, 2017 forever changed my life!

How long ago was it and what do you remember about your baptism day that made it special?

Faith Challenges

Faith Challenges

Some members, through no fault of their own, experience concerns, doubts or a faith crisis as part of their journey with Mormonism. This may not be a step backward’s; rather, it may be an opportunity for them to develop both a closer relationship with Christ as well as a more thoughtful framework for their relationship with the Restored Church.

The site below is an excellent resource for local leaders

and members walking this road.

Sake and Ward Resources 

24-Hour National


Crisis Text Line is the free, nationwide, 24/7 text message service for people in crisis. Text HOME to 741741 in the US.

Love and Hugs,

Dennis Schleicher

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