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Why Would a Gay Man Become a Latter-day Saint?

“Dennis is one of the finest men I know. We’ve become friends since he
became a Latter-day Saint. Dennis has helped me to better understand God’s
LGBTQ children and the gifts and Christlike attributes they bring to the
body of Christ and how we need people like Dennis in our congregations to
help us better come unto Christ. I encourage every religion to read Dennis’ book to better understand God’s LGBTQ children on how they are not a separate people or community, but rather fellow children of a loving God.” ~ Richard Ostler former YSA Bishop, Salt Lake City, UT. Listen Learn And Love

“Dennis Schleicher shares his compelling faith-filled journey as a gay man joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at a time when so many LGBTQ were leaving the church. As an active LDS mother of an openly gay son, I was moved by Dennis’ story and the pure love of Christ. A must-read for all who are seeking to walk in the shoes of another.”
~ Becky Mackintosh – Lehi, Utah her story is featured on our Church’s website: Meet The Mackintosh Family

“I love what Dennis has done here. In sharing his story, he has bared his soul to the church and the world – something I wish we would all do more frequently as members of the church. Being honest and authentic about who we are and the challenges we face allows the Spirit to be more fully present and allows us to more fully bear one another’s burdens. By being vulnerable in this way, Dennis invites us to feel what it might be like to be in his position as a gay man who must grapple with the challenge of finding a faith he calls home but that is still learning how to love and incorporate its gay members. Are we willing to bear the burdens of our fellow LGBT members of the church and make a place for them among us? Reading this book will help us start on that path.”
~ Bryce Cook, active member, father of six kids, (two of whom are gay.)

“An individual’s search for the Divine is a special experience that shouldn’t be denied, anyone. In a world where queer folks are often rejected by their faith communities, we need to hear more stories of queer folks of faith, and Dennis provides one of those much-needed stories. As a person who has often felt too gay for the Mormons and too Mormon for the gays, I commend Dennis in finding his place and having the courage to share his story.” ~ Peter Moosman #HugAGayMormon

“Dennis is one of the most amazing and wonderful people I had the privilege to meet as I served as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island area. One of the things I love the most about Dennis is his willingness to share his story with others and his big heart. Before meeting him, I was naive in my knowledge and thoughts on the LGBT community. Since I had never met a member of the Church that was from the LGBT community, I had never looked into the church’s beliefs, or even my own, on this topic. I am truly grateful for Dennis and his influence in my life, which allowed me to open my eyes and see things in a different way.” 
Sister Kaylie Sorensen
São Paulo, Brazil
Returned Missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


“No matter what religion, faith background, sexual orientation, or race you have or are, I challenge you to choose love! Open your heart and it will clear your mind. Loving and accepting all is a true Christlike attribute.” This is also what I’ve learned and have chosen to do as an openly gay Mormon. I couldn’t be more proud of my friend Dennis for sharing his experiences and story. Creating a safe space for LGBTQ Mormons is something I’m equally as passionate about. It gives me hope for the future of LGBTQ Mormons when I see individuals like Dennis who are being vulnerable by speaking his truth, bringing to light the gospel of Jesus Christ, and building the Kingdom of God where inclusivity is a must. Thank you, Dennis, for your courage and for your mission.
~ Jena Lowry Peterson,
Openly Gay Mormon
Life Coach and Speaker

“Dennis’ words prompt me to learn more about the LGBT community.  I want to Listen, Learn, and LOVE more deliberately as an open-minded disciple of Christ. How may I be a blessing to my brothers and sisters who bear the burden of being misunderstood by even well-meaning people? The Lord gradually removed spiritual cataracts from your eyes to allow you to see and feel the love of Christ through His true disciples.  We ALL need to know we are LOVED just as we are!  You searched for and found the truth because you were ready to act upon it through baptism and the Temple. Others are also ready to hear the Plan of Salvation. I want to help you #TurnUpTheLove and am willing to help any time and anywhere. I stand with you to protect and defend those who are maligned. I will share messages about the gospel of Jesus Christ.”
~ Elizabeth Saede, Mystic Connecticut, Author and convert into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints