Marketing Conference with Cedar Fort Publishing and Media

You are invited to a special marketing conference. This conference is open to anyone but it is free for Cedar Fort authors and includes lunch. Use code CFI-AUTHOR to GET YOUR TICKET and reserve your spot.
All writers published/non-published are welcome to attend.
Lunch is included in the price.
Whether you are a traditionally published, self-published, or dream of being a published author, marketing yourself and your books is always a challenge. Come learn proven strategies from our authors and speakers about ways to build your follower base and how to build your brand and author platform.
Speakers will include:
Jeff Olsen: Author of Knowing and Beyond Mile Marker 80. Jeff has been a creative director and marketer for many years as well as an accomplished author. Jeff will speak about personal brand development, creating a messaging platform, creativity and how to manifest it, and more.
Richard Ostler: Host of the Listen, Learn, Love podcast. Richard has a book coming out next year detailing how his podcast has helped people and regularly has five thousand downloads per episode. He will be speaking on how to start a podcast and how to be a great podcast guest.
Dennis Schleicher: Author of Is He Nuts? Dennis is a network marketing leader and trainer. He will be speaking on the dos and don’ts of social media, stepping out of your comfort zone, and cross-promoting.
Kori Andrews: Founded Hi 5 Live, a daily Facebook inspirational video with different people every day that reaches thousands. He will be speaking on the power of an authentic story, tools to share goodness, connection versus promotion, and more.
Bryce Mortimer: Owner of Cedar Fort Publishing and Media. Bryce, along with his marketing team, will talk about what’s happening at Cedar Fort, the positive changes of publishing in a new market, and baby steps you can take to build your fan base.
Valerie Loveless: Author of Enduring Promises of the Heart and host of the Cedar Fort Podcast. Valerie will be your host for this event, she will teach how to grow a mailing list, and how to do newsletter swaps.

How to Sell More Books in 2020, with Dennis Schleicher

Published by

Dennis Schleicher

Dennis Schleicher is a highly sought-after public speaker who has traveled worldwide speaking and inspiring others with his conversion and faith during difficult times. A writer, lifestyle reporter, and motivational speaker. Dennis now serves as the Elders Quorum First Counselor, Ward Mission Leader, assisting Mission Presidents, leaders, Sisters, and Elders worldwide to understand better how to do and help the LGBTQ+ community, creating a better understanding amongst all people.

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