Let’s All Love Boldly – Embracing Your LGBTQ Friends

Becky Mackintosh and Dennis Schleicher at Deseret Books

Let’s All Love Boldly – Embracing Your LGBTQ Friends

Others outside our church feel I don’t fit the mold to be a full temple holder. Others assume I don’t deserve holding a calling working with missionaries. Others believe I am not going to last-leave our church.
I’m exhausted with people questioning my worth, I’m exhausted justifying to others that I am worthy to be a full temple holder. I’m exhausted with people who have left our church constantly questioning my motives. Questioning why would you join the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? My answer is simple; I couldn’t imagine living without this gospel.

We all deserve the full blessings that one receives from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We must leave judgment for our Savior.
Becky Mackintosh shares a much-needed journey of teaching others how we all can Love Boldly, love like Christ. After all, we could learn more about loving everyone. “Love Boldly Embracing Your LGBTQ Loved Ones and Your Faith.”

“No matter your religion, faith background, sexual orientation, or race, I challenge you to choose love.”
—-Dennis Schleicher
Devotional Speaker, Best-Selling Author of: “Is He Nuts? Why a Gay Man Would Become a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ”

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Dennis Schleicher

Dennis Schleicher is a highly sought-after public speaker who has traveled worldwide speaking and inspiring others with his conversion and faith during difficult times. A writer, lifestyle reporter, and motivational speaker. Dennis now serves as the Elders Quorum First Counselor, Ward Mission Leader, assisting Mission Presidents, leaders, Sisters, and Elders worldwide to understand better how to do and help the LGBTQ+ community, creating a better understanding amongst all people.

2 thoughts on “Let’s All Love Boldly – Embracing Your LGBTQ Friends”

  1. Dennis: I just learned about your book on Richard Ostler’s “Listen, Learn and Love” Podcast. I’m listening to your book on Audible right now. I’m devastated to learn about your past experiences and i THANK YOU for living courageously and sharing your life’s experiences.
    Thank you for writing your book!
    Thank you for sharing your experiences!
    Thank you for being so courageous!
    Whenever you feel exhausted for being judged, remember that you are also RESPECTED, ADMIRED, APPRECIATED and HIGHLY REGARDED!

    1. Marianne, I so needed this today. Reading all of the comments, reviews on Amazon, Deseret, GoodReads, etc. Your comment is inspiring and validates the whole purpose for writing my biography.
      Thank you for sharing.
      Thank you for leaving a comment.
      Hugs, Dennis

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